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Dentist Amsterdam Osdorp

With a biological vision also for expats. A friendly, professional and biological dentist wo you can rely on.

Welcome to ‘Tandartspraktijk René

"Your dentist in Amsterdam Osdorp"

Tandartspraktijk René is a friendly dental clinic for the whole family located in Amsterdam Osdorp with 5 treatments rooms.
Also additional opening hours on Thursday evening (till 21.00) and Saturday (09.00- 17.00).  We are focusing on normal dentistry with a biological vision.
Dentist Amsterdam-Osdorp

Biologically oriented practice

We are a biologically oriented practice, where we take your entire well-being into account.

Opened on Saturday

Yes, we can receive you also on saturday. If you can’t make time during the week, we would like to see you on Saturday. Feel free to make an appointment.

Experienced Team

Our team has extensive experience and is well attuned to each other, we speak several languages ​​and everyone is welcome in our practice.

Expats in Amsterdam

We take expats as patients. Our whole team speaks Dutch and English but we also speak Arabic, Turkish, Spanish, Romanian, Hebrew and Greek.

About Tandartspraktijk René

We are commited to quality, personal approach, service and a
pleasant atmosphere. In our practice it’s not only going about
healthy teeth ! Our driven and qualified team of specialists is looking forward to make and keep your teeth healthy and beautiful.

Services in our practice

We offer a wide range of services.  The full range of our services is listed below.

How we work

To make an appointment you can either call or visit us. If you
would like to register as a patient you can call us or fill out
our digital form. We will call you back shortly to finish your
If you can’t make it to your appointment, we kindly ask you to
notify us at least 24 hours in advance by calling us. If you fail to do so or if you miss your appointment, we are obliged to charge the costs of the appointment.
We want you to feel free to contact us if you have a complaint or
remark. Small or big, we would like to hear from you. If you feel
uncomfortable contacting us directly you can send your
complaint to KNMT.
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Emergency dentist

Ouch! Do you have a toothache or had an accident? If you have
an emergency such as toothache or a broken tooth during
normal office hours, you can call us or visit us directly.
Please, be aware that if you are not yet registered as a patient you need to
register first . Finally, do not forget to bring an ID preferably with
your BSN on it.
In case of serious emergencies outside of office hours, please
call the emergency dentist: 0900 821 22 30 or 0900 8602.

Payment methods

The NZA (Nederlandse Zorg Autoriteit) publishes the rates for
dentistry each year. This means every dentist in the Netherlands
charges the same rates. Our invoices are based on the various
services performed during treatment.
If you are insured for dental expenses, the invoice will first be
sent to your insurance company. You will receive an invoice from
us in case expenses are not covered by your health insurance.
If you do not have an additional dental insurance we kindly ask
you to pay directly after your treatment. We have a card machine
that accepts debit cards.
When you visit, we can check which insurance you have and how
much will be covered by your insurance. It is very helpful in the
financial planning.
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