Privacy Policy

by Gwen van der Bijl

Privacy Policy  Tandarts Praktijk René

As of 25 May 2018 the General Data Protection rules (AVG in Dutch), are effective:

What personal data do we use?

  1. Last name, first names, initials, title, gender, date of birth, address, postcode, city, telephone number, e-mail address in order to communicate with you as needed and also your payment information.
  2. Information as in point a of parents or guardians of minors.
  3. Data as in point a about the family members of the person as well as anyone else who needs to be informed about the health of the person.
  4. Information about the health of the person and if necessary about the hereditary health conditions of family members.
  5. Any other information needed for the proper treatment of the person.
  6. Information about the treatments carried out and the following treatments of the patient as well as any medications or other facilities given or prescribed.
  7. Information regarding billing and collection of the payment.
  8.  Patient’s health insurance information.
  9. Other information necessary for treatment.

Privacy in the dental practice

In order to give good dental treatment it is necessary to keep a patient file for each patient. The file contains notes regarding the condition of your teeth and gums and general health, the treatments that have been done and the results of medical tests and examinations. There can also be information in the file which have been requested from somewhere else, with your permission, such as your GP for example. Reversely data from your file can be sent to other practitioners. This would not be done if you give specific objections to this. The information can also be used by a replacement dentist/hygienist or in order to consult with another dental practitioner.

A limited number of data from your patient file are used for financial administration.

Information can also be sent to others for legitimate reasons that are outlined in the law.


Security of information

Our practice ensures that your data is securely stored, and that these are not lost or get into the wrong hands.  Only personnel who are directly involved in your treatment have access to your data. For example the hygienist, the assistant or a replacement dentist as well as administrative staff that need information for billing purposes. They only have access to the data in the file that are necessary for the task they are responsible for.  These people are required in our practice policy and by law to keep your data secure and secret.


How long do we keep your data?

The law requires that we keep your medical file for fifteen years.  It can happen that we need to keep your file longer, for example in the case that you are still an active patient in our practice. You can also request that we keep your records longer.


Right to see, copy, correct, add, shield your records

As a patient you have the right to look at your records and you can request a copy of your records. If you are of the opinion that the information in your file are not correct, you may ask to correct these. You can also ask for a statement regarding the information from the practioner/s to be added to your file. You can also, if you wish us to keep the information, request that certain data are shielded from others.  The patient should receive a response to his or her request as fast as possible and at the latest within four weeks.

Right to remove or destroy data

As a patient you can request that a part of your data be destroyed or deleted. This request must be carried out within three months, unless there is a necessity to keep the data for someone other than the patient, because the law forbids the deletion of the data, for example in the case of an ongoing court case.

You also have the right to make a complaint to the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens.

If you have questions or wish to carry out your rights then you can contact Gwen van der Bijl – 0206102883 or by email.


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