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How do I pay my bill?

Your bill will be made by the dentist right after your appointment. The following week your bill will be sent to a billing company named Fa-Med. If you are insured for dental care usually the bill will be sent first to your insurance company and the portion that is not paid by the insurer  will be sent to you at home by Fa-Med. You need to pay this bill within 30 days, to Fa-Med.  If you are not insured then you will receive the entire bill at home.  You can pay immediately in the practice if you prefer, by PIN or cash.

Is dentistry covered in my basic medical insurance package?

No, basic medical insurance does not cover dental treatments for adults, (18 and older). An additional dental insurance coverage is required. There are a few exceptions to this rule: complete dentures are covered partially after you have met your deductible.  Some repairs and rebasing of complete dentures are also covered.  If you have a health condition that requires special dental treatment then a request for coverage can be submitted to your insurance company via your doctor and dentist. All other dental treatments are not covered, you can get additional dental insurance to cover dentistry.  Children up to the age of 18 are covered 100%  for nearly all dental treatments, (other than crown and bridge work)

Will the insurance company pay the bill if your practice is not contracted with them?

Yes your insurer will pay the bills if you have dental insurance.  There is no disadvantage to you that we are not contracted with your insurance company.

Does the dentist keep track of my Insurance coverage?

We do do our best to note what insurance policy you have and to work within your budget. However, there are so many different insurance packages that this is not always possible for the dentist. In actual fact it is not the dentists’ job to do this,  but to give you the service you need to keep your mouth and teeth in good condition. We stongly advise you to look over your policy so that you know what your coverage includes and keep a track of what has been used.. You can of course, discuss the costs with your dentist to see what would be best for you. However, sometimes it is necessary to receive treatment that is not fully covered by your insurer.

What do I do if I have a question regarding my bill or need to make payment arrangements?

If you are going to delay payment or want to make a payment arrangement then you need to call Fa-Med as quickly as possible to avoid any extra costs. Their phone number is 0900- 0885. You can also go to their website and contact them via that http://www.famed.nl . To ask for a new original bill call 0900- 0882. Or if you want to react to a bill you can do this at www.notavanfamed.nl. The Fa-med call centre is available weekdays from 08.00 – 18.00. If you have a question about your bill you can  contact our practice manager Jos Koster. If you think this may lead to a delay in payment then we strongly advise you to contact Fa-med and let them know.

Are your prices different to other dentists?

No, the prices that we charge are the same as all other dentists in The Netherlands.  On your bill you will see the various treatments described with a code, the tariffs are coupled to these codes.  These tariffs and codes have been set by the government.